If the Dow hits 25,000 in 2019… How Rich Will You Be?  If the Dow Hits 5,000 in 2019… How Rich Won’t You Be?  Let’s Make Your Life Easier…

If You Knew How To DOUBLE
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Dow 5,000 or 25,000…

How Rich COULD You Be?

In the next few minutes you are going to learn the most powerful wealth building secret I or thousands of my subscribers have ever seen.  

A recently revealed 15 year academic research study from some of the leading financial minds of our time proves that by following just ONE simple stock market strategy you can double your portfolio value every 2.57 years in both rising bull markets and falling bear markets.

Read that statement again…and know this…

…It’s true...every word.

I could not publish these amazing results in this very special report if the research behind this groundbreaking investment strategy had not been published and vetted by an intense economic and financial academia peer review earlier this year.

Sadly, ignoring this research could also ruin your family’s financial future as well…and potentially cut your wealth in half over the next few years.

In my exclusive investigative report The Lifetime of Wealth Strategy: Double Your Retirement Nest Egg Every 2.57 Years In Bull & Bear Markets you will learn how:

Check MarkWith just two specialized index ETF funds in a self-directed retirement account…

Check Mark…in less than 60 minutes a year of portfolio management time…

Check Mark…you can quadruple your retirement savings over the next few years…

Check MarkTurn $100,000 into $800,000 in the next decade in rising or falling markets…economic expansion or recession…good times and not so good times.

I’m Tobin Smith…you probably know me from my nearly 20 years photo of Tobin Smithon cable business television…my previous investment newsletter ChangeWave Investing…and my decades on Fox News and Fox Business Network.

But what you are about to learn I have NEVER been able to share on cable news …and I assure you your financial future is about to forever change….it’s that controversial and mind blowing.

These headlines tell MOST of the story…

Leading Academics Prove Simple System Earns Investors 28% ANNUAL Profits in Just 60 Minutes a Year! Double Your Portfolio every 2.57 YEARS with just  30-45 minutes of Portfolio Management every YEAR  Financial Times August 4, 2013 “Investors can massively outperform simply by analyzing publicly available economic data, according to academics in the UK and US. Peer-Reviewed Research Reveals How to Double Your Portfolio every 2.57 Years. Passive Buy & Hold Market Investors Doomed to ZERO Capital Growth over Next Bull/Bear Cycle!

Now…let’s talk about what these
headlines can mean for you!

number one

The secure retirement you have dreamed of…LOCKED IN…no matter WHAT the future stock market or economy does or does not do.

number two

No more sleepless nights worrying about your retirement funds running out while you still need them…or worse the fear of never being able to afford a dignified retirement at all.

number three

No gut-wrenching weeks and months of anxiety during the inevitable bear markets to come where your stock portfolio can crash in value 50%+ like 2000 or 2008-2009…and you not having time to regain those losses

number 4

No worry over the gargantuan Federal debt, gridlock in Washington, cuts in Social Security and Medicare…you profit no matter WHAT idiots are in charge.

Finally the financial freedom to travel where you want, live the lifestyle you worked hard for your entire life…worry free!

What I am telling you is you CAN retire early and rich…and I have the 15-year academic research to back it up! With this knowledge and system I am about to share, where investors just like YOU make great investment returns no matter WHERE the market goes, you can

Check MarkTake that cruise around the world...

Check MarkSpoil your grandchildren and leave a legacy

Check MarkBuy that vineyard in Napa…

Check MarkGet that second home where you dreamed

Check MarkOr do whatever makes you heart sing and your pulse race.

I also need to make this very clear:

Ignore this groundbreaking research and you could:

Check MarkBe kicking yourself muttering“I WISH someone had told me how to double my portfolio every 2.57 years and AVOID the next 50% stock market crash.”

Check MarkBe stuck with a ZERO growth portfolio over the next 10 years…or worse your retirement nest egg cut in half in the next vicious bear market…AGAIN!

So let’s get started.

First I am going to share the secret formula of this epic research that makes this opportunity for financial freedom possible.

Second, at the end of this briefing I will give you my FREE report The Lifetime of Wealth Strategy: How Academics Proved You Can Double Your Retirement Nest Egg Every 2.57 Years In Bull & Bear Markets so your family can reap the financial freedom you have earned and deserve.

But let’s address the REAL question on your mind right now:

Toby, This Just Sounds
TOO Good To Be True!

Fair question…it was of course the first question I had as well when I received this research report in early August 2013. My team back tested their results for months…talked to experts and looked at the ALL the peer-reviews…

… And everything this miraculous research report claimed was 100% true!

Let me introduce you to the main author of this research Dr. Alessandro Beber.

Professor Alessandro Beber of London’s Cass Business School is thphoto of genius Professor Alessandro Bebere main genius behind this research along with Michael W. Brant of Duke University and Maurizio Luisi of Quantitative Investment Solutions.

Their research paper is entitled “Economic Cycles and Expected Stock Returns.” Not a sexy title but it’s sure to be an investor classic!

Read what the Financial Times wrote about their research published in a very obscure academic publication (source Financial Times August 13, 2013)


Investors can massively outperform big global stock market indexes simply by analyzing publicly available economic data, according to academics in the UK and US.  A strategy based on going long on an index when macroeconomic conditions are improving and shorting the market when conditions are deteriorating would have delivered an average annual return of 14 per cent between 1997 and 2011, the academics claim.  In contrast, a static position in the same indices would have delivered returns of essentially zero, assuming the same level of risk.   The findings are likely to surprise many investors, given that economic data releases are routinely pored over for any hint as to the future movement of financial markets.   “Everything macro [economic releases] tell me, the stock market should already know,” said Professor Alessandro Beber of London’s Cass Business School, one of the authors of the paper.  Prof Beber said focusing on a wide selection of releases, rather than just monthly labor market data or quarterly economic growth numbers, provided more timely signals that were less likely to be factored in to markets.   “The index allows investors to track the evolution of macroeconomic conditions every day as opposed to every quarter, when gross domestic product figures are released,” he said.  “We have a single number to focus on, that evolves every day and gives us a sense for macro conditions that we would otherwise have to infer from infrequent and delayed indicators.”  “Everybody knows that macro [economic data] works for fixed income; the link between interest rates and macro is well explored. But the link is less clear for stock market dynamics,” said Prof Beber.  “[But] we find there is a strong relationship between real-time macroeconomic indices and the stock market. If measurement of macroeconomic information is timely and objective, as in our index, fundamentals do affect financial market prices, as simple economic intuition would suggest.”  The model went long on a given stock market when the relevant composite macroeconomic index was above the level of 60 days earlier and short when the reverse was true. Curiously, the academics found that, even for markets outside of the US, American economic data worked better as a predictor than local or global data.   The model delivered particularly strong returns during 1997-2001 and 2007-11, but underperformed during 2002-06, said Prof Beber.  Prof Beber said unpublished work by him and his colleagues suggested even stronger returns could be generated by using the same signals to buy or sell economically sensitive stocks, rather than broad indices, although this would raise trading costs.


Here is the “money shot” of the Beber et al real-time market results 1997-2012—14% a year returns for using the index to go long or short the market according to the Beber Macro Economic index reading…versus ZERO return for the passive buy-and-hold investor.


This is the macroeconomic timing portfolio return profile (in blue) and passive stock market returns (in green). Grey areas denote United States recessions.

With the Beber market system, they earned 14% a year long and short the S&P 500 from 1997 to 2012. How? So simple: they were long S&P 500 index when the real-time US macro-economic data is expanding and short S&P 500 index when real-time economic data is contracting.

Sounds simple right?

But How Did NBT Get 28% Returns…
or Double That Of The Beber Team?

I’ll get to how we doubled Dr. Beber’s returns in a minute with 2 very special ETF funds that are 2X long the S&P 500 index and 2x short the S&P 500 index in our special report.

But most important: how does the average investor KNOW when the US economy is going to switch from expansion to recession and vice versa—when to pull the trigger to go LONG or SHORT US stocks?

Let Next Big Thing Investor PRO
Do The Work For You!

Back to the story. Dr. Beber’s thesis was simple: stocks go UP in value as the economy transforms from recession to expansion and they LOSE value—as much as 50%—as an expanding economy transforms to what you and I call “recession.”

Makes sense no?

HERE is the key: His team felt that using quarterly data measuring 90 days old economic activity to forecast future economic expansion or contraction was NOT effective for calling impending bull or bear markets for stocks… and they were right!

The traditional “recession or expansion” calls from the economists at Bureau of Economic Analysis and the business cycle dating committee of the National Bureau of Research miss these turning points on average by 11 months!

If you wait for these “forecasters” to make your move long or short the market you MISS up to 50% of the bull or bear market moves!

Dr. Beber’s genius was to not “forecast” old data and look backward but to “nowcast” CURRENT data for today! He compiled 45 separate real time economic data points on the US economy… and used that daily index to create a simple Yes or No answer:

Is the US economy expanding as much today
as it has over the last sixty days?

His team tried hundreds of of ways to measure this expansion/contraction index…and finally came up with a 60-day moving average as the secret “nowcasting” formula.

Said simpler: if you add up the daily Beber macro-economic index number for 60-days and divide by 60…is today’s reading HIGHER or lower than the 60-day average?

If it’s higher, the economy is still expanding and stocks will be more valuable. If the economy has started to contract…time to get OUT of stocks and into an investment that goes UP as stocks go down.

I know this sounds complicated…so let NBT Research do the work for you!

At my firm NBT Research, we took Dr. Beber’s formula (as disclosed in his peer-reviewed research work and our special report) and recreated his “macro-economic” expansion or contraction formula for our subscribers.

We do all the work for you! We monitor the US economy everyday with this proven formula and 45 expensive to get macro economic data feeds…our data bill costs more than my mortgage!

Over the last few months… we also tested and figured out how to DOUBLE the 14% annual return in two important ways: We

number one Doubled the Beber Returns Using Two Special ETF Funds that Deliver 2 Times the S&P 500 Market Returns Both LONG and Short
number two

Added Stock Market Technical Analysis for Major Improvement In Market Entry and Exit Points—i.e., less “noise” and much more timely entry and exits

In short, we went back and back-tested our own improvements on the basic Beber Macro Market Timing system…and we hit the jackpot!

We doubled the returns and eliminated 90% of the noise in the long/short market timing signals.

Our back-tested results were nothing short of amazing…we proved that:

In less than 60-minutes a YEAR…

…you will have ALL the portfolio management information necessary to with just a few mouse clicks…

Double Your Retirement Portfolio Every 2.57 Years (on average) and Turn $100,000 into $800,000 In Less Than a Decade!

I want to rush you this groundbreaking and no-obligation report this minute…with your no-risk subscription to Next Big Thing Investor PRO…my flagship investment newsletter.

My subscribers in 2013 made 60% annual return on their already using our simple yet incredibly powerful strategy—I don’t want you to miss out on this life-changing wealth building any longer!

To help you take advantage of this amazing wealth building research, I have packaged our entire NBT Macro Market Portfolio Doubler system into a very special report I have just published.

The Lifetime of Wealth Strategy: How Academics Proved You Can Double Your Retirement Nest Egg Every 2.57 Years In Bull & Bear Markets The Lifetime of Wealth Strategy: How Academics Proved You Can Double Your Retirement Nest Egg Every 2.57 Years In Bull & Bear Markets so your family can reap the life-changing wealth and financial freedom you’ve earned and deserve.

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In this easy to read and use report, you will find ALL the simple details necessary to earning unbelievable gains in the stock market NO MATTER if the market shoots to 25,000 or drops to 5,000…imagine how much better your retirement will look in just a matter of months! It’s ALL here:

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Tobin Smith
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