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Recent History Says Saudi Arabia’s War on US Oil Is Just Getting Started

It was George Santayana who famously said “Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.” Winston Churchill abridged these words with his famous line about German aggression in Europe “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” So when the entire energy analyst community (save just a few) failed to anticipate that the Saudis would […]

Dr. Lecter: the Silence of the Unicorns is Here . . .Want a Nice Chianti?

There are no shortages of “Unicorn Sceptics” in Silicon Valley . . . I just have been waiting for an actual Unicorn denouement moment to join the haters . . .and now we have it. At Next Big Thing Investor we follow the incidence and ramifications of transformational change . . .both positive and negative. When […]

Nevada Outlaws Daily Fantasy Sports Without Gaming License

And so the payback from Vegas vs. Daily Fantasy Sports begins. Reported vig earned at Nevada Sports books last week: $30 million Reported Entry Fee Rake at DFS sites last week: $60 million It was only a matter of time for this: Over the last several months, Nevada Gaming Control Board (Board) staff has analyzed […]

Reality Check for Venture Investors: You DO Know that @ 90% Startups FAIL, Right?

Just to make sure you are not drinking the VC Kool-aid . . .or the startup shibboleth. Facts of Life in StartUp Land: Nearly half of all U.S. companies backed by venture capital fail outright, and another 25% don’t return investors’ money, according to research firm Sand Hill Econometrics and Harvard Business School. So let’s […]

WTI Oil Price Breakdown Gives Another Short Trade with SCO

The massive oil supply builds in the United States we expected (driven by annual oil refinery shut downs for maintenance and product changes) now gives traders another shot on goal to short oil back to $42 support. We like the 2X leveraged Short WTI ETF SCO as the best play. I will wait for Oil drilling […]

How the GOP Brand of Hate, Intolerance & Anti-Pot Has Blown the Millennial Vote That Will Elect the Next President

It’s a demographic fact: 90 million Millennial voters (born from 1980 to 2000) WILL be the swing voters for next President of the United States . . .and so far the Republican party has done everything possible to estrange Millennials to the GOP brand. FACT: 90 million millennials, will, according to the Center for American Progress, […]

You Know How it Feels Like You’re Paying Taxes for 2 Families? Guess What . . .You Are!

Who says American taxpayers aren’t generous?  You’ve been working to provide for two families and I bet you didn’t know it! The latest data of who pays Federal taxes shows (and corporate taxes collected are so low they don’t really count) 55% of Americans are paying about $900 billion a year in benefits to the 45% […]

China Sells $100 Billion + of U.S. Treasury Bonds . . .and NOTHING Happened?

What happened to the Austrian Economics folk who predicted when China needed to sell US treasuries the dollar would collapse and the 4 Horseman of the Economic Apocalypse would ride again? News flash: in a $14 trillion market with about $20 trillion of demand from global buyers, selling a few hundred $billion of treasuries = […]

You STILL Don’t Know SHIT About Coding and It’s Killing Your Career

If you stumble when someone asks you “So do you Code?” or if the term Code makes you think of someone dying in a hospital bed, this incredible article will begin to set your free. You can basically divide the world of business professionals into three camps: A) those who can Code and do (around 18 million […]

Is Mass Recycling Transforming Our Environment? Big Fat NO!

You feel pretty good about yourself when you separate the bottles, cans, paper, and food scraps from the rest of your garbage and place each item in the properly categorized and colored garbage bin. But is our trash recycling fetish really making an actual difference beyond those feelings of self-satisfaction? Are you reducing your “carbon […]

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Sell Short REFG

Sell Short REFG

Buy Long PGSY

Buy Long PGSY

Buy Long STCC

Buy Long STCC

Buy Long WLCDF

Buy Long WLCDF

What Happened to Cardinal Resources?

Things seemed fine for a while, and then wham! Cardinal Resources Inc. (OTCMKTS:CDNL) got thumped. What happened, and more important, now what?

Victory Energy Corp. (VYEY) Looks to Capitalize on Punitive Commodity Pricing Environments with Acquisition-Based Growth Strategy

Victory Energy Corp. (OTCQB: VYEY) is an independent, growth-oriented oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of active oil and natural…

OurPet’s Company’s (OPCO) Partnership with Aplix will Catalyze New Innovations in the Pet Tech Space

The recent announcement by OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) of a new strategic partnership with the Japanese software developer, Aplix IP Holdings Corp., shows that the Fairport Harbor, Ohio,…

Net Element International is Building Up Steam

Net Element International Inc. (NASDAQ:NETE) has largely been left for dead, which makes this budding rebound effort that much more interesting.

Put Amedica Corporation on Your Watchlist – It’s Not Done Yet

Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA) soared a couple of weeks ago on news, but the chart says there are more bulls waiting in the wings, just waiting for a cue.

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